Tropical Vibes

Cocktail Ideas 2022

#1 Blue Wrey

Widely spread after Chip's song "Moonwalk Slide", we have revised the street classic and added ginger to the recipe for an extra kick.

• 1 Bottle Tropical Vibes Ocean Blue

• 60ml Wray & Nephew White Rum

• 25ml Ribena Blackcurrant Concentrate

• 4 Slices fresh ginger

• 1 Scoop Crushed Ice (4-5 cubes)

• Garnish: Sugar rim, Blueberries, Lemon

#2 Sour Apple

Green is good for you. These combo of sour kiwi, green apple and elderflower is about to become your next summer favourite.

• 1 Bottle Tropical Vibes Kawaii Kiwi

• 60ml Elderflower Cordial

• 90ml Ciroc Apple

• 4 Mint Leaves

• 1 Scoop Crushed Ice

• Garnish: Mint Sprig, Kiwi Slice

#3 Orange Wave

Our own twisted remix of Jamaican carrot juice and Brazilian batida. A perfect combination for summer barbecues. Serve cold.

• 300ml Tropical Vibes Mango Carrot

• 70ml Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

• 50ml Coconut Milk

• 5 pinches Ground cinnamon

• Garnish: Ground cinnamon