Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tropical Vibes?

Tropical Vibes is a non-alcoholic non-fizzy soft drink inspired in tropical fruit juices and exotic cocktails. The drink has been around for many years, but it's in the last 2 years that its taken the market by storm. It's a common drink to find in shelves all over the UK and its easy recognisable because of its vibrant colours and its unique shape glass bottle.

Who owns Tropical Vibes?

Tropical Vibes is a trademarked brand registered in the UK.

Where is Tropical Vibes from?

All Tropical Vibes flavours are manufactured in Germany but distributed in the UK.

How many Tropical Vibes are there?

Tropical Vibes consists of 3 different ranges: Originals, Lemonades and Sours. In total, there are currently 18 flavours. A 1L carton version of Fruit Punch and Mango & Carrot can be found in selected supermarkets.